Tracey, John & Arlo


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My partner and I both really enjoyed our joint class with Sam. We chose the class as so many courses offered are only open to one parent, and as new parents I wanted an experience we could share as a family (it also helps when there is two of you to remember what you did!). I also loved the idea of a home visit and one to one tuition – it made it much more personal.

Sam provided a practice doll one of us could use as the other massaged our son, but usually we were both engaged with him or asking questions! Sam brought relaxing music, and had a noticeably calming effect on all of us (great for tired new parents with a colicky baby!).

Two classes felt just enough for learning the basics, and as they were one to one they were lead by Arlo rather than then needs of a number of babies. They were great value for money and the booklet Sam left with us has been getting plenty of use. We’re finding the techniques a lovely way to engage and deepen our bond with our son.