Testimonials for At Home Baby Massage Classes with Forget-Me-Knot

Kate & Dylan

“We organised a group session of baby massage through Forget-Me-Knot.  Sam provided a calm and relaxed atmosphere for our baby massage sessions which was not easy in our group of six babies!  The two sessions were extremely well paced and each mum left feeling confident to try it at home.  Sam even ensured that all mum’s had a chance to practice even when they missed part of a session due to crying or feeding.  The course materials Sam provided are also excellent and help tired minds remember what to do!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience which has given us all invaluable tools with which to soothe and bond with our babies.  Thank you very much.”

Tracey, John & Arlo

“My partner and I both really enjoyed our joint class with Sam. We chose the class as so many courses offered are only open to one parent, and as new parents I wanted an experience we could share as a family (it also helps when there is two of you to remember what you did!). I also loved the idea of a home visit and one to one tuition – it made it much more personal. Sam provided a practice doll one of us could use as the other massaged our son, but usually we were both engaged with him or asking questions! Sam brought relaxing music, and had a noticeably calming effect on all of us (great for tired new parents with a colicky baby!). Two classes felt just enough for learning the basics, and as they were one to one they were lead by Arlo rather than then needs of a number of babies. They were great value for money and the booklet Sam left with us has been getting plenty of use. We’re finding the techniques a lovely way to engage and deepen our bond with our son.”

Bola, Rikky, Remi & Emmanuel

“Sam is an exceptional baby massage teacher. She made us all feel so comfortable and genuinely cares about her clients. Her gentle nature is incredible. She involved both my husband and 4 year old daughter in the massage sessions, which made it a truly memorable and bonding experience. I would personally recommend Sam to anyone who is considering baby massage. Going out to a baby massage class is simply not the same. A newborn deserves that individual attention and familiar environment with a temperature that suits them. There is no where better than their own home. Thank you Sam for such amazing sessions. We still use the massage techniques 8 months later! The pack you provided has been a wonderful source of reference.”

Alyson, Ben & Beatrice

“I found Sam online after my daughter developed colic. Sam came to our house over a couple of weeks and taught us massage techniques that have worked wonders. My daughter reacted very well to it and we now use the massage after every bath time as part of our routine. Sam left us with a step by step manual that details each move and told us to call if we ever needed further advice. Aftercare like that is hard to find!”

Floria, Adrian & Alia

“We had been shown how to perform baby massage at the NCT courses and at the local children’s center, but they felt quite rushed and superficial.  The massage class we took with Sam was a very different experience.  She created a calm environment, using music and soft furnishings, accompanying every move with the explanation of the benefits for the baby.  Alia was curious about the experience and enjoyed it.  Both Adrian and I now use the leg massage every time we change her nappy.  We also use the moves learnt with Sam to massage Alia whilst applying the cream to sooth her eczema.  Massaging has become part of our everyday activities.  We really enjoyed working with Sam and I do recommend her classes!”

Marianna & Thomas

“I did the baby massage class when my son was 10 weeks old, which I think was the perfect time to do it as he still wasn’t mobile and didn’t cry as a newborn anymore. I very much enjoyed Sam’s classes, they taught a set of massage moves that one could easily follow and adjust to you and your baby’s liking. Sam is very passionate about teaching and is great with the babies. I would highly recommend the class.”

Sarah & Eddie

“Sam is an absolute natural with babies and she created a relaxed and soothing environment almost instantly which both Eddie and I responded to. I felt calmer and Eddie fell into a beautiful restful sleep after the session. He really enjoyed the massage and I have been able to use the moves as a part of our daily routine. He smiles and giggles now when I do it and I think it’s something that we will continue forever!”

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