Our philosophy

The name ‘Forget-Me-Knot’ is about not forgetting to put health and well-being first – for both adults and babies.

The ‘At home’ Brighton & Hove based baby massage classes with Forget-Me-Knot are about empowering parents – giving them the confidence and all the tools they need to help in their baby’s growth & development, to help settle their little bundle of joy (when they’re not so joyful) and to help build that beautiful bond between parent and child.

Parents-babyThe ‘Knot’ in Forget-Me-Knot refers to the stress and tension held within the human body – even a baby’s – and trying to work them out. As a holistic therapist and Reiki, this service is also about working ‘holistically’ to calm the mind and soul as well as soothe the body, for a feeling of utmost well-being and lightness.