Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is infant massage?

Infant/Baby Massage is a series of gentle strokes and limb movements that the parent performs on their infant and is taught by a fully qualified instructor who’s been trained in anatomy & physiology and the best combination of hand positions and movements.  The instructor uses a doll for demonstration purposes.

Q) Is my child too young/old?

Babies and children of any age usually enjoy being massaged, although it’s most suitable for babies 6 weeks+ (ideally when they are able to hold their own heads up).  You’ll probably find that it’s harder to apply at around crawling age, which is why we say to around 6 months.

Q) What do I need to have ready for the class?

  • Baby fed in advance – but preferably not within fifteen minutes of the class starting
  • A warm & softly cushioned/blanketed area for the class
  • A cd or ipod player for the relaxation music
  • Subtle lighting (nothing too bright shining down into baby’s face)
  • Non-perfumed baby massage oil (I bring spare if you don’t have any)
  • Changing mat or towel at the ready in case of ‘incidents’
  • And a favourite toy for distraction purposes!

Q) When shouldn’t I massage them?

  • Straight after they’ve just eaten
  • At least 24 hours after an immunisation
  • If they’re suffering from colds, infections or viruses (especially if nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or fevers are involved)
  • And not until they’re healed after any recent surgery, fractures or other serious injury

Q) What if they cry / fall asleep / need changing?

Being a one-to-one class it’s fine for interruptions to occur.  The instructor can continue to demonstrate, even when baby is sleeping.  We also bring a spare doll that parent can work on if need be.

Q) Do you travel outside of Brighton and Hove?

As the instructor lives within central Brighton, we restrict classes to homes within the Brighton & Hove area – or on the periphery (Shoreham and Saltdean have been recent class locations). To be eco the instructor uses public transport to reach each class.

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