What’s so great about massage in general?

Massage has been around for centuries – passed down from generation to generation – in many cultures all over the world – and is particularly popular within Brighton & Hove, where we are known to embrace more holistic approaches to health.

It is beneficial for everyone – young and old alike.  Most people who’ve had one can attest that it feels very soothing and relaxing (unless you’re going for the Deep Tissue / Sports Massage type therapies which can be a bit more ouchy), but in addition to ‘feeling good’ it actually provides many benefits, including but not limited to the following…

Physiological and psychological benefits

  • It improves skin texture and appearance (through iBenefits of Massagencreased blood supply and desquamation - rubbing away of dead skin cells)
  • Blood and lymph circulations are affected, speeding up nutrition in body’s tissues and elimination of their waste, thus improving function and accelerating the healing process
  • Tired, tense muscles benefit and joint mobility is increased.  To some extent, massage can compensate for lack of exercise as muscle tone is improved – useful in cases of injury
  • The digestive system is helped as peristalsis (the passage of food through the body) is encouraged and toxins are flushed out through an increased production of urine
  • On the psychological level, it can induce a deep state of relaxation through the soothing effect on the nervous system and induced deep breathing, which is particularly beneficial to the stressed and anxious client, resting and calming the mind

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