How are these ‘At home’ baby massage classes with Forget-Me-Knot in Brighton & Hove different from others?

FMK Classes

We’re aware that most Mums lead very busy lives – perhaps you’re already signed up to many other group classes, or are busy with generally looking after baby and keeping house or working part-time – and just don’t have the time to commit to another out-of-home activity.  That is why, if you live within the Brighton & Hove area (or on the periphery) we bring the service to you.

Having a class at home also means that you’re in control of the environment, and it is more familiar to baby.  You could even opt to make that area of your home the place where you always massage baby, which adds the element of routine, that can help when you need to soothe them at other times.

Baby can pick up on your feelings of stress and anxiety, so the overall aim here is to create your own ‘calm zone’ and we join you in it.

Being one-to-one means also that we can personalise each baby massage class, dependent on how you and your baby are progressing with the routine – and there aren’t the distractions from other crying babies – so the class is less likely to be disrupted, and everything can be done at baby’s own speed.  It also means that if your partner is around, they can also participate and learn.

And how are the classes run?

As regards the classes themselves, the instructor is also a fully qualified ITEC Dip therapist and Reiki.  She uses her own training, knowledge, and experience to teach a formal massage routine (a combination of massage techniques and gentle exercises) that has been devised to be especially beneficial to baby.  She has been complemented many a time for her calm exterior and friendly manner and will instantly put you at your ease.  One past client even nicknamed her the ‘Baby Whisperer’!

The routine is demonstrated on a professional FMK Classesweighted baby demonstration doll, and the parent practices these moves on their own baby.

The class is limited to 20 minutes in terms of instruction (the maximum really for a baby), plus set-up, pre-amble and clear up.

The full routine is broken down into two bite-size chunks, taught in two separate classes (the Bronze package).  Additional recap and evening Dad classes are also available (within the Silver, Gold and Platinum options).  See Prices page for full overview of options and charges.

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