It’s a Family Affair


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One thing we’ve noticed, to our delight, here at Forget-Me-Knot HQ is that the trend is growing for Dads to want to get involved in the baby massage training too.

We feel that this is a very positive development, for all the family, as it helps to deepen the bond between father and child, at a stage where the Dad generally feels a little helpless (especially if the child is being breast-fed) and disconnected, and also gives him more confidence in handling baby, as well as the chance for Mum to take a break.

It was our pleasure to witness a gorgeous moment a few weeks ago, when Dad heard baby laugh for the first time during the massage session – just one of the many rewards of our job.  We were also very excited to train a whole family recently – that was Mum, Dad, and the five year old ‘big sister’ who wanted to feel more of a part of it.

If you’re considering booking some Baby Massage classes, we highly recommend you take advantage of the Gold or Platinum FMK price packages, where an ‘after-work’ class is included for the partner.  We promise that it will reap its own rewards…

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